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Healthmark Industries announces the addition of the HydroCheck™ to its ProFormance™ Cleaning Verification line. Designed for detecting residual moisture in channels, the single-use HydroCheck™ is a user-friendly test kit which can detect as little as 0.05 μL of residual moisture, providing immediate results. Swabs are available in the following sizes: 1.7mm, 2.8mm, 3.8mm, and 5.0mm. If a detectable amount of residual moisture is present, there will be a visual color change to purple on the swab.

Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of the Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators to its sterilization product line.

Designed for the incubation and readout of biological indicators for steam sterilization process control, the Auto-Reader Incubator allows for rapid detection of positive and negative biological indicators for one hour at 140ºF to determine whether a sterilization process has been successful or not.

The Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator has a height of 18 cm, diameter of 26 cm and is manufactured with 12 metal positions (3.8 cm depth, 0.9 cm diameter) for incubation. The dual temperature system has the option for the user to select between two different incubation temperatures of 37 ºC or 60 ºC. The Auto-Reader Incubator has a feature to allows facilities to run different incubation times simultaneously.

Equipped with a readout system and a printer to record the results, the Auto-Reader Incubator has the ability for automatic detection and cancelation of biological indicator fluorescence reading. In addition, the auto-reader can be connected to computers by USB. This allows linking the results with the Terragene® Bionova® Traceability Software for automatic reading and traceability of biological indicators.


Tamper-Evident Probe Cover

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of the Tamper-Evident Probe Cover to its bags and dust covers product line. This cover is designed to keep probes covered to reduce the risk of contamination from the environment during transportation and storage. The single-use 14-inch x 4.5-inch Tamper-Evident Probe Cover is manufactured from low-density polyethylene, is latex-free and non-sterile. The Probe Cover is sealed on three sides, and has vertical and horizontal perforations, as well as a tamper-evident seal to help protect the probe from the environment by keeping the cord outside of the bag. or (800) 521-6224

CasePrep® Non-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Solution

Case Medical announces that CasePrep® Non-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Spray and Foam has received formal approval to display the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Safer Choice Program seal. All ingredients have been evaluated by the Safer Choice Program and determined to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients for both people and the environment, while providing equal or better performance. Case Medical is the only manufacturer of Safer Choice listed products for medical and surgical instrument care. CasePrep non-enzymatic pre-soak is particularly suited for facilities that choose not to use enzyme-containing products, such as eye surgery centers. CasePrep pre-soak joins a full line of Safer Choice-labelled cleaners and a lubricant formulated and manufactured by Case Medical for use in sterile processing departments, endoscopy suites, ambulatory surgery centers, and anywhere where cleaning and care of surgical instruments is needed. CasePrep® non-enzymatic pre-soak spray is provided as a ready to use, foamy solution that quickly loosens and removes organic and inorganic contaminants found on surgical devices, while keeping instruments moist for subsequent cleaning steps. CasePrep solution should be applied directly to items at point of use. Case Medical also offers an enzymatic pre-treatment product, PentaPrep® Multi-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Spray and Foam, that carries the Safer Choice designation. or (888) 227-CASE (2273)

Ecolab Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

The Ecolab® Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System is an electronic solution that gives hospitals the ability to transform the way they monitor, report and improve hand hygiene compliance.

Proprietary badge technology recognizes Patient Zones around each patient bed, detects hand hygiene events of individuals before and after each patient interaction, and provides actionable, real-time guidance for improvement through real-time visual and audible reminders.

Digital dashboards collect data on these hand hygiene behaviors, measure compliance and pinpoint precisely where corrective action is needed at the system, hospital, unit, role or individual level. These actionable insights allow department managers to lead process improvements where they are needed most -- helping hospitals measure compliance accurately, achieve and sustain results, deliver better patient outcomes and provide a safer work environment for staff.

The system does not utilize Wi-Fi or require hardwiring, and little to no IT involvement is needed.

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Newest Free CEU Game Released on “The Instrument Bodyguard”

Healthmark Industries Co. Inc. announces the launch of its newest game on, “The Instrument Bodyguard.”

In this new mobile device-ready game, the latest Crazy4Clean character, "The Instrument Bodyguard," leads participants -- through fun, educational games -- on how to inspect and protect sensitive instruments.

Play "The Instrument Bodyguard" and earn a free CEU from IAHCSMM or CBSPD when you complete the quiz at the end of the game.

HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System

The HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System is an easy-to-install, ultrasound-based technology, that enables the effective facilitation of W.H.O. guidelines. The system encourages immediate hand washing to remain compliant and can be customized to address facility-specific protocols. Through the use of Patient Protection Zones™, the system measures and documents hand hygiene compliance prior to, and immediately following, patient contact – moving compliance monitoring from “at the door” of competitive systems to “Behind the Door” for HanGenix™.  The system features a sensor at all hand hygiene dispensers (soap, alcohol, etc.) and records usage of these hand hygiene materials by healthcare workers wearing a wireless ID tag. The wireless ID tag records all hand hygiene events and provides audible beeps if a healthcare worker enters or exits a Patient Protection Zone without performing hand hygiene. All data recorded by the system is transmitted wirelessly to the “cloud” for real-time analysis and feedback.

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Heart of the Hospital Socks

Healthmark Industries Co. announces the new Heart of the Hospital socks to its personal protective equipment (PPE) line.

Manufactured in America from 80 percent acrylic, 20 percent nylon and 10 percent elastic, the Heart of the Hospital socks are designed to honor CS professionals during Central Service Week and all year long. It is the tireless efforts of these unsung heroes that plays an often underappreciated, critical role in the delivery of the best patient care.

Made to provide (non-compression) support for the arch and bottom of the foot, the crew length Heart of the Hospital socks are a great addition to any medical professional’s wardrobe. The unisex Heart of the Hospital socks are available in medium: 4-9 (men's shoe size) and 3-8 (women's shoe size); large: 10-13 (men's shoe size) and 9-12 (women's shoe size). or 800-521-6224

ENDODRY™ Drying and Storage System

Professional societies and key opinion leaders acknowledge inadequate drying of flexible endoscope channels as a possible cause of microbial growth during endoscope storage. The ENDODRY™ Drying and Storage Cabinet is the only endoscope drying product on the market shown — via a peer-reviewed study in AJIC — to dry the internal lumens within one hour, external surfaces within three hours and can store endoscopes up to 31 days without an increase in microbial levels.(1) The ENDODRY cabinet uses instrument-grade air for direct connection channel drying. The use of active drying shortens the amount of time needed to fully dry the internal channels compared to traditional hanging methods.

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Reference: 1. Perumpail, Ryan B. et al. “Endoscope reprocessing: Comparison of drying effectiveness and microbial levels with an automated drying and storage cabinet with forced filtered air and a standard storage cabinet.” American Journal of Infection Control. (Sept, 2009). 47(9):1083-1089.

Two New Cleaning Brushes in ProSys™ Instrument Care Product Line

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of two new brushes to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line. Designed for cleaning instruments prior to further processing, these reusable brushes are manufactured with nylon bristles that adhere to a contoured plastic handle. These brushes are used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning solution that assist healthcare workers in the initial cleaning of items for which brushing to remove contamination is a recommended step in the cleaning process. The “3183-P” is available for purchase in a package of 10 and the “MR001903” is available in a package of three. or (800) 521-6224

Tru-D SmartUVC

Tru-D SmartUVC is a portable UVC disinfection system that delivers one automated, measured dose of UVC light to consistently disinfect a room during one cycle. Tru-D operates from one placement within the room, ensuring significant pathogen reduction in direct and shadowed areas and reducing the threat of human error in the disinfection process. Additionally, the robot’s cloud-based data-tracking technology transfers usage data to a customized portal to provide real-time results through concise graphics and exportable records. Validated by more than 20 independent studies including the only randomized clinical trial on UVC disinfection which was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tru-D’s combined automated, measured dosing capabilities and real-time usage-tracking features make it one of the most precise and advanced automated UVC disinfection systems available.

KleenEdge Cubicle Curtain Technology

KleenEdge provides a cost-effective solution for cubicle curtains that enhance a hospital's operational efficiencies while mitigating HAIs. Everyone touches the curtain, but due to ceiling-mounted tracks requiring tall ladders, they often get exchanged only once per year. Research indicates that privacy curtains are infected after just two weeks in place. For patient safety it’s imperative that curtains get cleaned just like all other high-risk touchpoints in the room. The KleenEdge program provides two key benefits: First, Protocol Compliance Software platform sets, flags, and automates documentation. Real time data surrounding exchanges, including isolation room, gathers critical metrics in the background. Second, CloudRail suspended cubicle track with quick-load bracket allows for a 3-second exchange reducing curtain install time by 80 percent and empowers heightened exchange frequencies, reducing HAI risk due to contaminated curtains. KleenEdge redefines curtain compliance by offering unique solutions that will help keep patient and staff environments safe


Instrument Inspection Tips

Healthmark Industries Co., Inc. introduces the Instrument Inspection Tips to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line. Designed as a single-use tool, the Instrument Inspection Tips assist healthcare workers on the clean side to check if items have been effectively cleaned and are free of obstruction. Manufactured with a spun polyester swab that connects to a flexible tubing, the Instrument Inspection Tips are offered in lengths of 30 and 60 centimeters. The Instrument Inspection Tips have the following different colored shafts that indicate the swab head diameters: White (1.1mm), Black (2.7mm) and Blue (4.2mm). The Instrument Inspection Tips are available for purchase in a package of 30. or (800) 521-6224


Steri-Write is the world’s first UV-C LED sanitizer for pens. This novel device incorporates a touch-less automatic delivery mechanism for recycling multiple writing instruments. Steri-Write delivers a single sanitized pen or stylus on demand.

Steri-Write utilizes powerful germicidal LED technology to kill common pathogens found on shared writing instruments. Each writing instrument cycles through the sanitizing chamber and is exposed to the exact amount of UV-C irradiance necessary to kill bacteria and viruses.

Independent lab testing demonstrated Steri-Write is 99.9 percent effective in reducing pathogens commonly found on shared writing instruments including MRSA, E. coli, norovirus and H. influenza.


Sani-24 and Sani-HyPerCide Germicidal Sprays (PRNewsfoto/PDI Healthcare)

Sani-24® Germicidal Spray and Sani-HyPerCide™ Germicidal Spray

Two new revolutionary disinfection spray products expand PDI's leading environment of care offerings, empowering healthcare facilities to more effectively protect their patients and staff against recontamination. The first to come in a full portfolio of products, they will be available in a limited market release in July, with a full market release at the end of 2019.
• Sani-24® Germicidal Spray utilizes Continuously Active Disinfecting (CAD) technology, which disinfects a surface and immediately addresses 22 relevant pathogens, and leaves behind a shield that prevents key epidemiologically-relevant pathogens from recontaminating and recolonizing the surface for up to 24 hours or 96 touches (These 5 organisms are: Enterobacter aerogenes, Enterococcus faecalis VRE (Vancomycin resistant enterococcus), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin-resistant) (MRSA)).
• Sani-HyPerCide™ Germicidal Spray is a powerful and simple-to-use disinfection spray with a non-bleach sporicidal hydrogen peroxide formula that provides one-minute disinfection for a broad range of microorganisms, including Norovirus and TB, and the ability to kill Clostridium difficile in 5 minutes. Compatible by Design™, the hydrogen peroxide formula is designed to provide powerful protection against HAI-causing microorganisms across general, isolation, and terminal settings without compromising compatibility.