About Us


Our Purpose:

Healthcare Hygiene magazine was launched to build bridges between stakeholders from infection prevention, healthcare epidemiology, patient safety, risk management, quality improvement, biomedical engineers, scientific R&D, manufacturers, regulatory and compliance bodies, as well as accreditation agencies. It provides a comprehensive platform of news, in-depth features and trending information that can help users navigate thecomplexities of the healthcare landscape today.

Debuting in October 2019, Healthcare Hygiene magazine is serving 5,000+ highly qualified professionals who use our publication to identify potential partners to help them address and solve the challenges they face in today’s fast-moving, complex healthcare landscape. We help connect you to those highly-qualified customers and influencers. The breadth and depth of our collaborators’ expertise sets us apart from our competitors, and our editorial board members are respected leaders in their segments.

Healthcare Hygiene magazine:

  • Unites the clinical community with industry R&D and scientific affairs entities and regulatory bodies

  • Facilitates the exchange of ideas and solutions aimed at the most critical issues facing healthcare professionals

  • Provides a platform for the promotion of new research and data that addresses current gaps in knowledge and implementation of best practices

  • Drives innovation in content and special programs designed to educate all stakeholders in healthcare risk management, patient safety and quality improvement

Our Objectives:

To Inform

Healthcare Hygiene magazine’s website serves as an accessible, easy-to-navigate executive summary of the key developments and trends in the industry. It’s also where you’ll find premium programming such as reports, podcasts, special supplements, and much more. We take a deeper dive into the imperatives, reflecting the journalistic integrity of the content staff and its 30-plus years of editorial experience.

To Educate

Healthcare Hygiene magazine offers expert perspectives from thought leaders in academia, all segments of healthcare practice, as well as industry. It also provides a platform for best practices-based training and education relating to improving patient-care outcomes and boosting efficiencies.

To Innovate

Healthcare Hygiene magazine delivers unique, forward-thinking content programming designed to help practitioners enhance their professional performance, gain new insights and skills, learn key strategies, and implement interventions that enhance infection prevention and uphold patient and healthcare personnel safety.

Healthcare Hygiene magazine is led by Kelly M. Pyrek, a career journalist and editor who has 30-plus years of experience in publishing, the last 20 years specializing in infection prevention. She is the former editor-in-chief of Infection Control Today. She may be reached at: kelly@healthcarehygienemagazine.com