The IP&C Consultant Collaborative is coming soon!

Leverage the power of a collective comprised of experienced infection prevention & control consultants

Whether you are an IP&C consultant currently or are looking to break into the field, we have the training, certification, support and camaraderie you need to be successful

And, if you’re a manufacturer or healthcare facility/system in need of a consultant, the IP&C Consultant Collaborative can help you match one of our dynamic consultants to your specific needs and unique scenarios.

The benefits of joining the IP&C Consultant Collaborative
are numerous!

Insider information

Monthly calls wiith expert facilitators and other members who share their best tips and tricks

Coaching & Mentoring

Learn from expert consultants who are here to guide you on your journey


Demonstrate your skills and competence with our IPCC-BC certification

Annual Retreat

A one-day gathering to refresh the mind and spirit, and enjoy camaraderie with other members

E-newsletter & quarterly member magazine subsciption, plus access to guidelines

Stay in the know with our member publications and other resources


Get paid for your experience and your contributions to this collective


Get paid for the educational materials you develop with the Collaborative

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Leverage the power of our experts!

Are you a manufacturer or healthcare system
that needs to hire an expert?
Contact us today:

Email Kelly.Pyrek@IPCConsultantCollaborative.com or call 720.524.3464

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