The March 2022 Issue of Healthcare Hygiene Magazine is Now Available

The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other key medical commodities during the earlier stages of the pandemic are causing healthcare systems to rethink their place in the supply chain when it is disrupted or depleted. Contracting with vendors with adequate manufacturing capacities and suitable logistics, as well as domestic suppliers, can help shore up critical supply repositories. Bigger than the cola wars in the 1990s, the debate over reusables versus disposables has long raged in the 2000s, but the pandemic has caused healthcare facilities to re-examine the cost-savings, availability and environmental benefits of reusables while keeping disposable items where they make the most sense from an infection prevention and control perspective. Disposable medical items have their place in healthcare, but many experts say that if a safe and effective reusable option is available, it should be considered, especially as a safeguard against shortages. To access the issue, CLICK HERE